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Star Rodriguez
Evidential Medium, Psychic 

Since Star was a young child, she was able to sense the spirit world. She always had a strong connection to God and would look up to the clouds with her arms reached out wanting to physically hug him. She remembers feeling like she didn't belong here but somewhere from beyond. With the feeling of being home sick, longing to go "home" to be where she knew she belonged. With God. 


Star grew up in a very active house. Falling asleep in her bed and waking up at the bottom of the steps. At night faucets in the kitchen would turn on and off by itself.  Music would play from different things out of nowhere. Finally, Star seen her first apparition at the age of 10 years old in her bedroom. 

 Star had her first near death experience giving birth to her first child at 20 years old. Her blood pressure was so low the doctor was on the phone to code blue her. During this experience Star was lifted out of her body by two identical Angels. Star asked the Angels if she was dead. In which one Angel shook its head no. Then returned Star into her body. 

After college at the age of 28 Star had a psychic reading by a well-known local psychic who was the first to tell Star she was gifted like her and could do psychic medium work. Star laughed it off at first. Until, two years later having a reading by another psychic medium who would say the same thing. 

Star started meditating and would wake up to her name being shouted in the middle of the night. Visits from strange apparitions. And having many visions that became prophetic and would play out within short time frames. 

Being very sensitive and aware of the spirit world and energy, Star had and still has many experiences throughout her life. 

At that time, she couldn't understand what was happening and why it was all taken place so quickly. With that She did research on close by Spiritual teachers and found a wonderful and well-structured Church in New Jersey. Ever since Star has been unfolding her mediumship and psychic abilities and serving the spirit world. 


Star has studied (and continues to study) Evidential Mediumship at the Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, with Pastor Janet Nohavec and other well-known and gifted mediums from around the world.

Reiki Master - Teacher

I have attained the Third Level of Reiki in the Usui System of Natural Healing. I hold the certification of Reiki Master-Teacher, from Hands of Serenity Healing with Jody Cleveland.

Sometimes during a reading, the information that comes through isn’t immediately identifiable. It’s natural and happens more often that you may think – it’s called psychic amnesia. If you experience this, it may be helpful (when appropriate) to speak with family and friends afterward because additional information might come to light. Information that you may have forgotten or overlooked during your reading because our memories are not always as quick and as accurate as we might like. And it is possible, you might not recognize the information that came through until a later date.

Although some of the readings may discuss spiritual advice and guidance or personal, private advice and guidance, it is important to make it clear that this information is only advice and/or guidance. As the recipient of the reading, you are personally responsible for any decisions you make as a result of the information provided.

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